Our Oncology Doctors

Dr. Stephen Lemon with patient.

For us, compassion is key. We treat cancer patients as whole individuals, taking into account their lifestyle, family and community. At the same time, Oncology Associates is at the forefront of cancer treatment: every one of our oncologists is involved in research and community service. We provide our patients access to the latest in technology, therapies and techniques. Our state-of-the-art oncology care and personalized patient plans truly make our Omaha practice a center of excellence throughout Nebraska. Learn more about our cancer doctors and our amazing oncology nurses and staff.


Dr. Stephen Lemon Omaha Cancer Physician
Stephen J. Lemon MD
When you meet Dr. Stephen Lemon, you don’t see the Doctor of Medicine degree he received from the University of Washington, or his Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in Baltimore. Nor do you see his three board certifications or his over 13 years of experience in medical oncology. What you see is a father of two girls who loves art, music and bicycling. You see a man who is passionate about all aspects of cancer care and who loves community service.
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Dr. Irina Popa
Irina E. Popa MD
Dr. Irina Popa traveled to the United States to advance her medical career after finishing medical school in Romania. She says she wanted to “live and work in a democratic society full of opportunity.” Here at Oncology Associates she’s found ample opportunity to not only help her patients on a day-to-day basis, but to continue to learn about the new research and treatment challenges in hematology and oncology.
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Dr. Laxmi Narayana R. Buddharaju
Laxmi Narayana R. Buddharaju MD
Growing up in India, Dr. Laxmi Narayana R. Buddharaju (Dr. Budd) saw firsthand the lack of available health care services. He became interested in science and wanted to study medicine, but it wasn’t just about becoming a doctor that was important to him, he wanted a career where he could give something back to the people.
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