Our Physician Assistants (PAs) and Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs)

Oncology Associates PA

Our Physician Assistants (PA) and Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) are licensed health care professionals who practice medicine with physician supervision and collaboration. At Oncology Associates they deliver a broad range of cancer treatment and medical services, with compassionate care, while supporting both our patients and our doctors.

Jennifer Riddell APRN
Jennifer says she’s wanted to be a nurse since she was nine years old, when nurses impressed her with their caring for a neighbor who had lymphoma. According to Jennifer, “it’s important to make a difference and our goal at Oncology Associates is to help you the best we can throughout your cancer treatment.” She’s been nursing since 1995, most of that treating cancer patients, and carries certifications as an Adult Nurse Practitioner and a masters in Adult Oncology.
Marjorie Maack PA
This Columbus, Nebraska native knew early on that she wanted to get into medicine, but it took her a while to find her way into the area of medicine she has enjoyed the most, working in oncology. After getting her Bachelor of Science degree, her journey to Oncology Associates covered nearly 25 years, which included working in medical laboratories, as well as going back to school to get her Master’s degree as a Physician’s Assistant at UNMC (while raising two young daughters!). Now that she’s working in oncology, Marjorie says that she’ll never work in another field of medicine. “This job has given me more satisfaction then any other job throughout my career,” she says. And it’s because of the people and feeling like she’s part of a family with both her patients and her co-workers. When she isn’t working, Marjorie enjoys spending time with her daughters, her friends, her grandsons (you’d never know!) and her wheaten terrier.
Brandi Nielsen PA
Because she can combine her love of people with science and medicine, Brandi considers her work in oncology to be her 2nd greatest job, next to being a mom. Her patients provide her with the biggest satisfaction of being a PA. In fact, she believes they give her much more than she could ever give them. A mother of two, Brandi finds oncology challenging, rewarding and she learns something every day from the strength of her patients. When it comes to role models, Brandi likes them smart, funny and determined. She considers Eleanor Roosevelt, Carol Burnett and Katherine Hepburn to be some of her greatest influences. And when she’s not taking care of her patients or her family, you’ll find Brandi catching a baseball game or rooting for her beloved Denver Broncos.
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