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Oncologist Stephen Lemon MD of Oncology Associates

Stephen Lemon, MD

“YOU are our number one priority. We are working hard for your success 24/7/365.”

When you meet oncologist Stephen Lemon, MD you don’t see the Doctor of Medicine degree he received from the University of Washington, or his Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in Baltimore. Nor do you see his three board certifications or his over 13 years of experience in medical oncology. What you see is a father of two girls who loves art, music and bicycling. You see a man who is passionate about all aspects of cancer care and who loves community service.

In fact, he found the inspiration to become a doctor while he was involved in community service. In high school he was a camp counselor for Kiwanis Camp Casey, a summer camp in Washington for children with physical disabilities. Helping those kids participate in more fun and challenging activities than they could in every day life made quite an impression on Dr. Lemon. His volunteer work with Amigos de las Americas, an organization promoting health care in Central and South America was another high point along the path to becoming a doctor. He spent a year training in Latin American health needs and culture, then traveled to Honduras to teach children proper dental care.

Today Dr. Lemon gets his inspiration by forming doctor–patient relationships that are partnerships, a team that is scientific yet personal. He says, “It’s a caring, happy, sometimes sad experience that is always rewarding.”

Dr. Lemon recounts an experience that happened shortly after he began working as an Omaha cancer physician at his oncology practice at Methodist Cancer patient thank you to Dr. Lemon.Cancer Center in 1997. He had a new patient with lung cancer who was concerned that Dr. Lemon might not have the experience to care for him. He stuck with the doctor, though, as they set up a cancer team approach. The treatment worked, his cancer went into remission. The patient retired and moved away. Dr. Lemon recounts, “Just this year I received a letter from him, thanking me for my care and compassion, telling me he was alive and cured of his lung cancer. 14 years later!”

Even when Dr. Lemon is not working in the office, he is committed to improving cancer awareness and education through cancer projects like CancerIS, an online cancer information community for people to find and share cancer information, or with cancer education videos.

“Dr. Lemon is excellent. He is very respectful, really cares and very knowledgeable. He treated me for breast cancer and answered every single question I had and even called me at home when I was concerned about some side effects. I would recommend him to anyone who has cancer…he’s great.”

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