Breast Cancer Survivor Stories


Breast Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories

Every cancer patient has a story to tell.

These breast cancer patients and survivors  share their varied experiences of going through breast cancer treatment and cancer diagnosis. Whether it’s hope and inspiration, practical information or tips,  each of these stories are as unique as the survivors in the videos.

Please take a moment to look over these profiles in courage. While October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month,  breast cancer education is a year-round job. Every year, one in eight women may be affected by breast cancer during their lives,  but breast cancer also affects the lives of  their families, friends and co-workers.  We hope these videos help inspire,  as well as get the word out on breast cancer awareness and the importance of early detection.


Profiles In Courage

Turning Cancer Into Something Positive

It’s been over 9 ½ years now since Cheryl Stevens was diagnosed with stage two triple negative breast cancer. More–>

Male Breast Cancer Survivor

Male breast cancer survivor Rick Gough never thought that a routine visit to his dermatologist would lead to a breast cancer diagnosis. More–>

Involving Kids During Treatment

Brea Nelson shares her experiences of treating breast cancer with her family and what helped them get through it. More–>

Faith is Tougher than Cancer

Tow truck driver by day, cancer survivor Faith is truly tougher than cancer.” More–>

Getting Through Breast Cancer with a Smile

Christine had always considered herself to be in good shape. A self professed exercise nut, More–>

My Faith Journey with Breast Cancer

Amy has witnessed many blessings during her cancer treatment, including the birth of her baby, More–>

Facing Breast Cancer at a Young Age

A young mom, Stephanie found out she had breast cancer shortly after her 32nd birthday.” More–>

Breast Cancer Was a Familiar Journey

When Diane was initially diagnosed with breast cancer it wasn’t a shock. Cancer ran in her family. More–>

A Personal Decision

Making the decision between a mastectomy versus a lumpectomy can be difficult. These patients discuss their choices. More–>

I Fought Breast Cancer with Two Fists

Breast cancer survivor Mindy recalls how her mother’s fight against cancer helped inspire her own battle with cancer. ” More–>

Breast Cancer Changed My Life

Adell discusses how her new-found inner strength helped her develop a new perspective on living life. More–>

Breast Cancer Was a Bump in the Road

Breast cancer survivor Mary Kempcke recalls how her cancer diagnosis completely
took her by surprise. More–>

Breast Cancer, We’ll Get Through It

Barb asked her husband Don “what if…”? His response to her was “there’s no what ifs. We’ll get through it.” More–>

We’ll Get Through Cancer Together

Healthy, young and happy, Pam and Steve Phipps were both diagnosed with cancer, within one year of each other More–>

The Power of Breast Cancer Awareness

Bonnie originally delayed having the lump in her breast examined because she was terrified it was cancer. More–>

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