Cancer Survivor and Patient Stories

Watch personal stories from cancer survivors and patients. Some videos may share the experiences or insights of current cancer patients, while other stories may provide inspiration and hope from those who have survived cancer. Get more information on the videos below.


Living and Thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Diagnosed with stage4 metastatic breast cancer, DeDra Robb lives a full and active life as she goes through her HER2-positive breast cancer treatment.
Read more about DeDra’s journey!

Music and the Cancer Journey – Carpool Karaoke
A little music can be a good prescription for what ails you. In fact, research shows that music provides physical and mental health benefits, particularly for cancer patients, who may use music to communicate their feelings, manage stress and help ease physical pain or discomfort. Inspired by the Carpool Karaoke series on the Late Late Show with James Cordon, we created this version of carpool karaoke to showcase the role of music in the cancer journey.
Read more about music and the cancer journey – and watch videos!

Turning Cancer Into Something Positive
When Cheryl Stevens was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer, she was devastated.
How was she going to get through her treatment? At the time she wasn’t sure, but as she began going through her treatment, she relied on humor to help her navigate through the difficult times. Now, 9 1/2 years later, and cancer free, Cheryl recalls how she was able to turn a negative situation into something positive. Cheryl continues to share with other cancer patients what helped her get through her journey with cancer: A little fun and a lot of laughs.
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My Journey with Stage4 Colon Cancer
As a young mother of two children, it’s been a challenge for Keisha Holloway to go through colon cancer. But it’s a challenge that Keisha takes on every day with a fighter’s determination. She shares her story here, which has included a stage4 colon cancer diagnosis, going through treatment and her cancer going into remission, only to come back again. Throughout her journey, Keisha says her experience with cancer has helped to make her a stronger, more compassionate person.
Read more about Keisha’s story.

Living with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and Thriving
Mary Sue didn’t feel out of the ordinary or exhibit any symptoms, yet a blood test showed that she had stage 4 ovarian cancer. Now going through chemotherapy for her cancer, Mary Sue still looks and feels pretty good. She finds that staying mindful of the positive has helped her continue to live a good life, even with on-going cancer treatment.
Read more about Mary Sue’s journey with ovarian cancer.

My Journey Through Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma
What Steve thought was just a chronic cough due to seasonal allergies turned out to be a stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer diagnosis. Steve shares his journey of going through Hodgkin’s
Lymphoma. Steve talks about how his original chemotherapy treatment needed to be changed because of his higher than normal side effects and talks about the unexpected support he found from other cancer patients in the chemo room.
Read more about Steve’s lymphoma cancer story.

The Perfect Swish – Mike’s Story
Mike talks about his journey with stage four throat cancer, or larynx cancer. A basketball enthusiast, Mike was told by one doctor that he’d never play basketball again. But Mike was determined to not only beat his cancer, but to play hoops again. Throughout his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Mike kept his eye on the rim. His story ended with a perfect swish. Now cancer free, he’s back on the court at the spry age of 72.
Watch Mike’s video and read his story to learn more about how he overcame his throat cancer.

Faith is Tougher than Cancer – Faith’s Story
Faith had always been tough and independent. She ran two businesses, including a tow truck business. And then a breast cancer diagnosis turned her busy life upside down. Trying to run two businesses while going through cancer treatment isn’t easy. Then came the news that she also had cervical cancer.
Watch Faith’s video and read her story to learn more about how she proved tougher than both breast and cervical cancer.

Breast Cancer Can Affect Men – Rick’s Story
Rick never expected that a routine visit to his dermatologist would lead to a breast cancer diagnosis. Throughout his journey with breast cancer, which included a mastectomy, chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy, Rick developed a better appreciation for life as well as for the love that surrounded him, from his fellow patients to his friends and family.
Watch Rick’s video to learn more about his experience of going through breast cancer treatment.

Beating Pancreatic Cancer – Bob Etzel
Pancreatic cancer survivor Bob Etzel talks about his incredible journey with cancer. From his original diagnosis from one physician that he would not survive, through chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgery, Bob maintained a never say quit attitude.
Watch Bob’s video to learn how he got through pancreatic cancer.

Facing Breast Cancer at a Young Age – Stephanie Shephard
Stephanie was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer shortly after her thirty-second birthday. As a young mom, she vowed that she wasn’t going to let her cancer change her. Through her chemo and radiation treatments, a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, she has remained true to her word. Cancer has not changed Steph.
Watch Steph’s Video Here!

Breast Cancer Was a Long Journey – Christine Kathman
For Christine it’s been a long journey to recovery from HER2-Positive breast cancer diagnosis to chemotherapy treatment, side effects and a mastectomy. She recalls the many ups and downs along the way and how humor and the camaraderie of the friendships she made in the chemotherapy room have helped her get through it.
Watch Christine’s Video!

God is My Rock – Amy Wilmeth
Even through her current breast cancer relapse, Amy talks about the blessings she continues to find during her cancer treatment, including the birth of her baby, who was born during Amy’s chemotherapy treatments. Throughout her journey with cancer, Amy talks about how her faith helps keep her strong and how she hopes it may encourage other cancer patients with their own faith and with their own battles with cancer.
Watch Amy’s Video!

Chemo Shop – A Cancer Patient Tribute Video
Cancer survivors helped Oncology Associates rap about going through cancer treatment and finding a cure for cancer as they parody the music video Thrift Shop. Watch the Chemo Shop video here!

Taking On Ovarian Cancer – Yvonne Sumner
Yvonne was enjoying being “grandma” to her six grand kids when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Yvonne felt almost as concerned about telling her grand kids about her cancer as she did about her diagnosis. When she made up her mind to tell them, her eldest grand daughter said they already knew. At that point, Yvonne decided to let them be in on her cancer treatment, including helping her shave her head.
Watch Yvonne’s story!

The Fight of My Life – Mindy VonWeihe
Mindy was scared when she was initially diagnosed for breast cancer, but the memory of her mother fighting cancer helped inspire Mindy’s own battle with cancer. From her diagnosis to a mastectomy and through radiation and chemotherapy treatment, Mindy learned that it was better to fight, with everything she had, than to feel sorry for herself. She’s now five years+ cancer free.
Read more about Mindy’s story.

Fighting Cancer at 89 – Alice Madsen
Alice was a young 89 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. As Alice was still very independent, she opted for a less invasive treatment option, one that wouldn’t interrupt her daily life too much. Alice chose chemotherapy treatment over surgery. In choosing a cancer treatment, a patient’s lifestyle is important to consider at any age, but particularly more so for seniors, who may have to consider other factors, such as mobility, transportation issues or existing health issues.
Read more about Alice’s story.

Breast Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence – Diane Rehnberg
When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it wasn’t a shock for Diane. Cancer ran in her family. Both of her parents had had cancer. It was a surprise, however, that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer much sooner than her mother had. What shocked Diane was when she lost her hair from her chemotherapy treatments. She wasn’t prepared for it.
Read more about Diane’s story.

Breast Cancer, We’ll Get Through It – Barb Rican
When Barb Rican was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she asked her husband, “what if?”. His response to her was that there would be no what ifs and that they would get through it. From her initial breast cancer diagnosis to her cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, as well as a re-diagnosis, Barb and her husband Don have gone through everything together.
See  Barb’s story here.

Breast Cancer Awareness & Early Detection – Bonnie Walls
Even though she detected a lump on her breast, Bonnie delayed a visit with her primary physician because she was terrified that it would be breast cancer. Having gone through her journey with breast cancer treatment, Bonnie now stresses how important it is for women to be aware of their bodies and any changes, and to get get regular mammograms for the early detection.
See  Bonnie’s  story here.

We’ll Get Through Cancer Together – Pam and Steve Phipps
It takes a strong partnership to endure a cancer diagnosis. It takes an incredible family when both partners are diagnosed with cancer.
Watch the video of a young couple diagnosed with cancer are making their way through it all, including raising their family.

Keeping Faith and Beating Ovarian Cancer – Peggy Cole
In and out of chemotherapy treatment for just over four years, ovarian cancer patient Peggy Cole has relied on the power of her faith, which is helping her to turn the corner on her cancer.
See Peggy’s  story here.

Breast Cancer was a Shock, But I Got Through It – Mary Kempcke
Breast cancer survivor Mary Kempcke recalls how her cancer diagnosis completely took her by surprise, especially since she was young, healthy and had no family history of breast cancer. Mary talks about her decision to have a mastectomy and the challenges of getting through her chemotherapy treatments. At her lowest, she no longer wanted to continue on with her chemo treatment, but she found some encouragement from a close friend: Her husband.
See  Mary’s video.

A Second Chance After Lung Cancer – Steve Malcolm
When he was first diagnosed with lung cancer, Steve Malcolm was scared, as he didn’t know what to expect. During his chemotherapy treatment, he decided to start biking to stay in shape, even though some days he barely had the energy to get on his bike. Now, over ten years later, Steve recalls how his lung cancer diagnosis gave him a second chance to live his life. He’s still biking strong, helping others and living a healthy life.
Watch Steve’s video.

My Road from Prostate Cancer Diagnosis to Remission – Ron Bartunek
Diagnosed with prostate cancer shortly before his daughter’s wedding, Ron fought to maintain hope during his road to recovery.
Watch Ron’s video.

Breast Cancer Gave Me a New Perspective on Life – Adell Duncan
Breast cancer survivor Adell Duncan talks about her cancer treatment, which included a lumpectomy, a mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment. Through her journey with cancer, Adell discusses how her new-found inner strength helped her develop a new perspective on living life.
Watch Adell’s breast cancer story.

Cancer Was Not Going to Defeat My Life – Don Leighton
Don Leighton talks about his diagnosis and treatment for rectal cancer. As his radiation and chemotherapy treatments began, he made a decision to not let his cancer stop him from living his life and being there for his family and friends.
Watch Don’s video.

The Power of Support During Cancer Treatment – Kay Gilfert
Colon cancer patient Kay Gilfert talks about how important support was for her during her treatment for cancer and that the support sometimes quite unexpected.
Learn more about Kay’s show of support.

How I Deal with My Colon Cancer – Marlyn Halsey
Three time colon cancer patient Marlyn Halsey talks about going through his cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments and how he tries to stay upbeat through it all.
Watch Marlyn’s video.

Getting through Breast Cancer with My Kids – Brea Nelson
Going through cancer treatment is often difficult, especially for patients with young children. Brea Nelson talks about how she involved her kids during her breast cancer treatment.
Watch Brea’s video.

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